New Peppy Song Out From ‘Ek Mini Katha’

‘Ek Mini Katha’ is an upcoming project in the film industry and one may get confused that this is a Bollywood film, but to your surprise, this is a Tollywood film that stars Santosh Shobhan and Kavya Thapar of ‘Ee Maaya Peremito’ fame in the lead roles.The makers of ‘Ek Mini Katha’ have recently released the first look and first teaser of the movie, and they instantly became viral and were well-received by the audience.

 New Peppy Song Out From ‘ek Mini Katha’

The film’s team has now released their first single that is titled “Ee Maya Lo” and it is a groovy number with a touch of electronic music.The song is set to tune by Pravin Lakkaraju, with vocals by Lipsika and Sweekar Agasthi and lyrics penned by Sreejo.

The song features visuals of the making as well.The poster has a tagline saying “Size Does Matter” and looks like the film will make us laugh with a touch of adult comedy to it.

 New Peppy Song Out From ‘Ek Mini Katha’-Latest News English-Telugu Tollywood Photo

Merlapaka Gandhi is providing the story of this upcoming film ‘Ek Mini Katha’ and it is being bankrolled by UV Concepts and Mango Mass Media.Apart from the lead pair, Santosh Shobhan, and Kavya Thapar, the film also has Shraddha Das, Brahmaji, Sudharshan, Sapthagiri, and Posani Krishna Murali in crucial roles.

Gokul Bharathi for handling the cinematography and Satya G is taking care of the editing department.

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