Negative comments on Khaidi, GPSK can land you in jail       2017-01-09   04:15:34  IST  Raghu V

This Sankranthis very special for Mega and Nandamuri fans for the reasons known to all. When it comes to police department in Andhra Pradesh, they are extremely careful to avoid any untoward incidents due to the fans wars. AP DGP Sambasiva Rao has already issued orders to Cyber Crime Department to take strict action against the fans, fan groups who resort to negative comments on Khaidi No. 150, Gautami Putra Shatakarni and the heroes.

DGP asked the Cyber Crime officials to file FIRs who post negative comments and spread hatred on other other stars. Following the advisory from DGP, Cyber Crime officials have already warned the fan groups in the social media regarding this. So all the fans should excercize restraint in posting objectionable and provocative comments against these two films. If they still come up with such an objectionable comments, they would land up in jail.