‘Natasimham’ Balakrishna Hands Over Getty Movie Trailer Release

The film stars Nandita Shweta and Manyam Krishna in the lead roles “Getty“.The film is available in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam Coming forward.

 ‘natasimham’ Balakrishna Hands Over Getty Movie Trailer Release-TeluguStop.com

Venu Madhav K E on the banner of Vardhin Productions The film is under construction.Subramaniam is the director of Sparrow.

Coming soon Natasimham BalaKrishna has released the Trailer of the movie “Getty” which is getting ready for release Has been released.The Trailer is good, he is.all the best to the film crew Said.If you watch the “GettyTrailer … our dad’s ambition is more important than my hope, heroin The Trailer begins with a dialogue that says.

 Natasimham’ Balakrishna Hands Over Getty Movie Trailer Release-Latest News English-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image-TeluguStop.com

To bring the jetty to townThe father fights uncompromisingly as a daughter to achieve the aspiration.The jetty will boost tourism and improve the town.

People are reluctant to recoverLet the villains get the jetty or even the mud Are hindered.Hero Manyam played the role of Krishna Manyam.

His How the heroine faced the selfishness of these villains with help, all of them Whether or not to bring the jetty to town is going to be interesting.CinemaFishing life, conditions, emotions in their life naturally It seems through the Trailer as shown.

Producer Venu Madhav said on this occasion … Our “Getty” movie Trailer Natasimham BalaKrishna is happy to release.He looked at the Trailer Appreciating being good was very encouraging.

Everyone in our unit On behalf of we thank BalaKrishna Gari.In a fishing village The film “Getty” is based on the events of the day.The lifestyles of fishermen, their commitments, so far on the silver screen Our director Subramaniam has beautifully portrayed the unseen lives Sparrow.The movie “Getty” is coming to theaters soon Will take.Said.

Actors: Nandita Shweta, Manyam Krishna, Kannada Kishore, Mime Gopi, M Ys Chaudhary, Shivaji Raja, Jeeva, Suman Shetty and others

Technicians: Banner: Vardhani Productions, Music:Karthik Kondakandla, DOP: Veeramani, Art: Upendra Reddy, Editor: Srinivas Thotan, Stunts: Devaraj Nune, Choreographer: Aneesh, Publicity Designer: Sudhir, Dialogues: Shashidhar, P.R.O: Zeus K Media, Executive Producer: Pandraju Shankarrao, Producer: Venu Madhav, Story, Screenplay, Direction: SubrahManyam Sparrow.

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