Narendra Modi Is Not Happy With What YSRCP MPs Did In Parliament!

The remarks of YCP MPs in Parliament have led to severe criticisms.Opposition party leaders are targetting the YCP govt based on the comments made by the YCP MPs.The criticisms have now become a topic of discussion among the people of the state.It is a fact that there is a nationwide debate about the economic condition of Andhra Pradesh.

 Narendra Modi Is Not Happy With What Ysrcp Mps Did In Parliament!

One of the MPs mentioned the debts and Financial crisis whereas the other MP mentioned bank frauds.However, the other MP said that the state govt is not in a position to pay salaries to the employees.

YCP rebel MP Raghurama Krishnamaraju alleged that the debts of AP are exceeding the income, and the banks are not willing to give debts any further.

In an attempt to counter-attack Raghurama’s remarks, YCP MPs slandered the Jagan government and tarnished the image of AP.Also, they said that the state is in a Financial crisis and need Financial support from the centre to take up relief operations in the flood-affected areas in AP.It seems like Modi expressed displeasure over YCP MPs comments in the Parliament.

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