Nani wants Telugu star heroes to change themselves       2016-12-24   00:40:53  IST  Raghu V

Hours before Dangal was set to release in India, Salman Khan tweeted “My Family saw Dangal today evening and thought it was a much better film than Sultan. Love u personally Aamir but hate u professionally”.

This tweet has won million hearts seeing a big star complementing his contemporary and competitor at boxoffice. That was a great gesture from Salman.

Quoting the tweet from Salman Khan, actor Nani said “I so wish our “stars and super stars” do this .. Cinema deserves a healthy competition .. We all deserve good movies”.

That means Nani wants huge stars like Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu and NTR to compliment and appreciate the work of each other. That would be a welcome change if happens. But the question is, how far it is possible under such group divisions and fan war trends we we have in Tollywood ?