Nani Relying Too Much On THEM!  

Natural star Nani is stepping into the next phase of his career.He will be seen as an antagonist in his upcoming film ‘V’, with Sudheer Babu playing the protagonist role.While this is a ‘change’ many wanted from Nani, the hero is going back to his routine.More or less, his recent films have been revolving around ‘family sentiment’.

Nani Relying Too Much On Them!

Even his upcoming film ‘Tuck Jagadesh’ is going to be a family drama.The movie script revolves around the sentimental angle and bonding between two brothers in particular, and an emotional track between wife & husband.

Shiva Nirvana who directed films like Ninnu Kori and Majili is helming the upcoming film.

‘The movie will throw light on the bonding between brothers.

A senior actor will be play the role of an elder brother to Nani in the film.His details are a secret as of now.

Ritu Varma and Aishwarya Rajesh will be romancing Nani in the movie’, said a source.Meanwhile, critics warned that, if the brother sentiment in the upcoming film has some shades from Racegurram, the movie might end up as a dud at the box office.