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Komati Reddy Venkat Reddy is a firebrand not only in Nalgonda politics but also in state politics.Such Komati Reddy had high hopes that he would get the TPCC post.

 Nalgonda Mlc Candidate Nagesh Fires On Komatireddy |

But the supremacy shattered his hopes and tied another candidate, MP Rewanth Reddy, to the PCC post.With this, Komati Reddy climbed on the bed.Many sensational allegations were made against Rewanth Reddy.The photos of his alliance with Rewanth Reddy appeared at a time when all this was considered normal in the Congress.

Komati Reddy and Revant Reddy sat side by side during the rice inauguration organized by the Congress party.And everyone thought they were gone.

But with the recent local body MLC elections, there have been serious allegations against Komati Reddy once again.

Although the Congress party did not announce a candidate for the Nalgonda MLC seat, six independent candidates remained in the fray.

But they were all defeated by the TRS candidate.So far so good but Congress rebel candidate Nagesh Komati Reddy has made serious allegations against Venkat Reddy.

He alleged that Komatireddy had told voters not to vote for him even if he was a member of the Congress-led ZPTC.Nagesh alleged that Komatireddy Venkatareddy had supported the TRS party in the MLC elections.

He also commented that he had suffered a severe loss in the MLC elections.However, he said that the independent candidate fielded by MP Komatireddy got only 26 votes in the MLC elections.

Nagesh revealed that he got 226 votes to be honest.It is alleged that MP Komatireddy was sold to the TRS party in this MLC election.

He alleged that Komati Reddy had taken crores of rupees from TRS leaders.That is why he said he voted for the TRS party instead of the Congress in the local body elections.

It remains to be seen what kind of vibrations these allegations will create.How true are the allegations against Komati Reddy? Only God knows.Telugu,Telangana,Andhra Pradesh,Telugu Political News,Telugu Politics,Telugu News,Telugu Political updates,Telugu elections,Telugu channel,trs lost mlc polls in Nalgonda,komatireddy venkat reddy,t Congress in Nalgonda,Nalgonda mlc candidate Nagesh,komatireddy venkat reddy trs,Congress komatireddy venakt reddy #TRS #KomatireddyVenkatReddy #MLCElctions #Telangana charun

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