Nagarjuna’s Heroine Replaces Ramya Krishna In KGF-2  

In the world of business, the phrase ‘One’s loss is other’s gain’ is truly apt.The same goes for the film industry.

Nagarjuna’s Heroine Replaces Ramya Krishna In Kgf-2 - Telugu Nagarjuna Ramya Krishna Movie, Ramya Krishna In Kgf 2, Ramya Krishna New Movie, Raveena Tandon-Latest News-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

There were times were few actors cursed themselves for turning down offers that went on to become classics.At the same time, actors were relieved after backing from a project, that later turned out to be a dud.With the result in the future, it is the actor’s decision that counts more than anything else does.

After her role as Sivagami in Bahubali, actor Ramya Krishna rose to fame nationwide, with many production houses lining up for her dates.But the actor has been careful in choosing her projects and shaping her second innings.KGF-2 makers approached Ramya Krishna for a key role in the action film, only for her to say no.

Soon, Bollywood yesteryear beauty Raveena Tandon, who is trying to make a comeback, replaced Ramya Krishna.The real reason why Ramya Krishna has turned down has come out.‘KGF-2 makers were shocked to hear Ramya Mam’s remuneration.They asked her to trim down, but she refused outrightly.

This is the reason they had to rope in Raveena, who has a decent following among the Hindi sphere’, said a source.Nagarjuna and Raveen Tandon starred in the romantic film ‘The Fire and the Rain’.