Nagarjuna Reveals The Meaning Of \'Tamahagane\' In \'The Ghost\' (Ld)

Nagarjuna delves into the significance of “Tamahagane” in “The Ghost” (Ld)

Chennai 18 Aug : Telugu superstar Nagarjuna on Thursday admitted that the phrase “Tamahagane,” which appears in his forthcoming film ‘The Spirit and has generated lots of attention from the internet is actually referring to the legendary metal used to create swords for the toughest of warriors.
Northstar Entertainment, the production house that made The Ghost, posted an online question asking users to tell what ‘Tamahagane is.It was component of efforts to advertise the film that is due to be released via an OTT platform.

 Nagarjuna Reveals The Meaning Of 'tamahagane' In 'the Ghost' (ld)

Nagarjuna has amplification of the question posed by the production house.”What does Tamahagane mean? Can you guess?” he asked.

The question attracted the attention of hundreds of film enthusiasts and fans who wanted to know what the meaning of the word was.Many were unable to answer the question however.The promotion worked and the question stimulated the curiosity of internet users.

On the Thursday of his birthday, Nagarjuna opted to reveal the answer.He wrote: “#TAMAHAGANE!! A legendary metal used for the Katana of the most ferocious of warriors throughout the ages.The Katana is now in the hands of “The Ghost” The Ghost! Trailer released in theaters on August 25th.”

The actor also posted an image of an YouTube video of him making a sword made of the steel.The promotional video demonstrates that the word is a blend of two words Tama, which means ‘precious’ and ‘Hagane’ which means’steel’.

The film is directed by Praveen Sattaru The Ghost is directed by Praveen Sattaru.

It will also star Sonal Chauhan Gul Panag Anikha Surendran Manish Chaudhari Ravi Varma, Shrikanth Iyyangar and Bilal Hossein.

The film promises to be an action-packed blast is cinematography from Mukesh G.and music composed by Mark K.Robin.


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