Nagachaitanya – Samantha engagement date revealed     2016-12-24   22:36:15  IST  Raghu V

Nagachaitanya said many times that he will get engaged to Samantha only after Akhil’s engagement ceremony is over. Akhil and Shriya Bhupal are engaged now. Then what about Samantha and Nagachaitanya? When would they do get committed to each other on traditional lines ?

Well, the engagement date is not too far if the buzz in filmnagar is to be believed. January 29, 2017 is the date reportedly fixed for the engagement ceremony of Nagachaitanya and Samantha. As of now this is just a tentative date. The couple or Nagarjuna will announce it officially once they finish the planning.

As you know, the star couple wouldn’t tie the knot any soon. We can expect the wedding bells to ring in the final quarter of 2017.