Nadendla Manohar Fires On Jagan Govt #NadendlaManohar | YSR Congress | YS Jagan

Nadendla Manohar, chairman of the Janasena Party’s political affairs committee, said it was unfortunate that the Chief Minister had conducted an aerial survey under the Tutu Mantra if the displaced people who had lost everything due to heavy rains and floods in Rayalaseema, the center of drought-hit districts, were left to fend for themselves.Manohar questioned why the Chief Minister could not visit his own district ?

 Nadendla Manohar Fires On Jagan Govt #nadendlamanohar | Ysr Congress | Ys

Nadendla Manohar then spoke to the media.Nadendla Manohar lamented that the rulers who send minister and Gramanico when elections come, they will not come forward to provide help if the people are in distress.He questioned why a minister was not sending to every mandal to help the people if the villages were washed away.

Two crore rupees would be given to the district for relief in case of such a disaster? Could it be worse than this? If so many families fell on the road what happened to the local leaders? Could it be worse than this? Said Manohar .

It was caused by human error, that villages were submerged only because of the selfishness of the sand mafia, that this was one hundred percent human error, that they stopped the water for their businesses, plundered the sand and caused such a catastrophic collapse.He said that the state had been sold for the sand business and that the YCP leaders did not understand what to do if they were doing such things to plunder what they had earned.Manohar fired that the Chief Minister, who has no administrative efficiency, is distracting the public by saying that he is making amazing progress by making two video calls from home while doing work from home.Telugu,Telangana,Andhra Pradesh,Telugu Political News,Telugu Politics,Telugu News,Telugu Political updates,Telugu elections,telugu channel,Nadendla Manohar speech,Nadendla Manohar interview,Nadendla Manohar latest speech,Nadendla Manohar latest news,Nadendla Manohar about Jagan,Nadendla Manohar kadapa visit,kadapa floods,Nadendla Manohar fires on Jagan,Nadendla Manohar vsits flood victims

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