Murugadoss testing patience of Mahesh Babu fans     2016-12-28   03:46:15  IST  Raghu V

Almost every star has dropped his first look poster this year, except Mahesh Babu. His 23rd film got started in late part of July. It has been six months but there comes no glimpse about the film.

The first look was supposed to release during Diwali but didn’t happen. Although, there is buzz about the first look poster coming as a new year gift, even this time, slim chances. Literally, Murugadoss is conducting an acid test for the patience of Mahesh Babu fans.

Other side, it is heard that, expecting the film to release in April would just be a wild dream. Murugadoss wants the film to hit the screens in June but not April, it is learnt.

So, the wait for the film to continue for next 6 months. It means, first look can’t be expected for this new year.