#ModiResignOrRepeal Is Trending On Twitter !!

The second wave of the corona is booming in India.The death toll is also increasing at a faster rate.

 #modiresignorrepeal Is Trending On Twitter !!-TeluguStop.com

Against this backdrop, some of the hospitals in the country are running out of hospital beds and oxygen cylinders.Currently, #ModiResignOrRepeal is trending on Twitter.

There is a lot of opposition in people against Modi with the recent incidents.

 #ModiResignOrRepeal Is Trending On Twitter -Latest News - Telugu-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image-TeluguStop.com

People of India are incensed over the decisions taken by Modi during the lockdown times.

The rise of unemployment and poverty is causing a stir in the country.

With this, netizens are alleging that the central government has failed miserably to curb the spread of coronavirus in the country and Modi is responsible for this.Hence, they demanding Modi’s resignation.

In August last year, there was strong opposition to Modi for the first time on social media.

Netizens heaped dislikes over the ‘Mann Ke Bath’ program that he held.At that time, when 18 lakh people watched Modi’s video, 74 people liked it while 5 lakh people disliked it.

Now with the boom of the corona, currently, #ModiResignOrRepeal is trending on Twitter.More than 2,30,000 people in the country have tweeted about this and demanded Modi’s resignation.

People of India are urging Modi to resign as Prime Minister immediately.

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