Modern Mahalaxmi -Telugu TV Channel Show/Serial Anchor,Actress,Timings  

Modern Mahalakshmi is a Game Show Hosted By Anasuya ,This Show Previously hosted by Roja.The contestants are made to play various games. The Games Include Bow And Arrow Game, Opening The Box Game, Wearing The Jewelry game etc.Anchor Anasuya will give some tasks to the players they have to play. And the participant who gets highest point will be the winner of the show.
Participants of this show are mostly TV Stars,Anchors who acted in TV Shows,Serials etc.Anchor Anasuya Performs Dance for one song at the beginning of every Modern Mahalakshmi Episode and also Participants Peforms Dance after each round.
Show Name :Modern Mahalaxmi
Channel : MAA TV
Modern Mahalakshmi Anchor Name : Anasuya
Modern Mahalakshmi Show Daily Time : Mon-Fri at 01:00 PM
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