Pic Talk : Angel flaunting navel       2017-01-16   00:06:44  IST  Raghu V

Women are the most beautiful beings created by God. And beautiful ladies are too precious to this world. Lavanya Tripathi would fall into that category and if you don’t admit, this pic will make you do. Isn’t she flawlessly pretty in this outfit ? As if any angel has fallen on the living planet with human made outfit and jewellery.

What adds more attention to this beautiful visual is, the flaunt of navel. Since ages, men are bound to melt and go down for the navel beauty of women. This pic exactly tells the poetic reason behind such admiration men have for the midriff.

- Not a new photoshoot, but the still has come out very recently. Talking her profession, Lavaya is presently busy with Varun Tej – Srinu Vatila’s Mister.