Miss Universe 2021 Will Be Given A’makki-ki-roti’ And A’sarson Da Saag’ Treatment In Chandigarh

Chandigarh : , Harnaaz, Miss Universe 2021 will be returned to Chandigarh by her parents with makki ki roti, sarson da gaag, and other special treatment.
It’s an proud moment for us all.It’s hard to express my happiness.Ravinder Kaur Harnaaz, Harnaaz’s mother, said that her daughter has been active and determined all of her life.” Ravinder Kaur spoke to the media from Mohali.

 Miss Universe 2021 Will Be Given A’makki-ki-roti’ And A’sarson Da Saag’ Treatment In Chandigarh-TeluguStop.com

Makki ki Roti and Sarson da Saag are her favorites and she would be delighted to have it as a treat when she returns home.

Kaur, who is a gynaecologist, said that it doesn’t cause an increase in calories.

Harnaaz, who was confident about winning the crown, tweeted “India tonight, we will shine!”

It’s finally here! It is a great honor to be chosen to represent India.#MissUniverse #MissIndia.”

Harnaaz’s mother says that Harnaaz is from a middle class family and has proven her worth.

She is very focused and confident in her pursuit of her goals.She said that we have supported her passion.

Harnoor Harnaaz, Harnoor’s brother was thrilled about Harnaaz winning.Harnoor said that Harnaaz is calm and focused all the time.

Since her childhood, she was certain that she would win this title.

Punjabi film actress Harnaaz is currently pursuing her Masters’ degree in Public Administration.

She has also worked in Punjabi films like the upcoming ‘Yaara Diyan Poo Baran’ and ‘Bai Ji Kuttange’.

After she won the pageant, the family went to a nearby Sikh shrine to pray.

Harnaaz, who started modelling at a young age, had earlier won Miss Chandigarh and Miss Punjab title, among others.

Sandhu’s father has 17 brothers, and Harnaaz is the only female offspring in the extended family.

“When she (Harnaaz) was born, we distributed sweets in the hospital,” Harnaaz’s father, P.S.Sandhu, said, adding that “we all will perform ‘bhangra’ on her arrival.”

Harnaaz’s hobbies are singing, cooking, theatre and horse-riding.She has won the Miss Universe crown after Lara Dutta won it in 2000.



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