Minister Kodali Nani Gives Clarity Over Ration Distribution In AP, Ahead Of Ration Dealers Protest

The Andhra Pradesh Ration Dealers Association has called for protests at MLS points across the state.Venkatrao, president of the association, said Dealers should refuse the November stock coming from godowns to ration shops.

 Minister Kodali Nani Gives Clarity Over Ration Distribution In Ap, Ahead Of Ration Dealers

Ration‌ distribution should be halted from today until their problems are resolved.The Ration Dealers Association has demanded immediate payment of the 2020 PMGKY Commission arrears.

However, the ration will be distributed as usual from November 1, said Andhra Prades state Civil supplies minister Kodali Nani.Ration supply will not stop even if shops are closed, said Minister Kodali Nani.

Currently, the Andhra Pradesh state govt is distributing rations to households directly through the Ration-Door-Delivery scheme with 11,000 vehicles.The minister clarified that the government is not afraid of threats from ration Dealers.

Speaking on this occasion, Minister Kodali Nani said, “In the past, the situation of ration shops was different.Govt relied directly upon the ration shops.

But now, if Ration shops get closed, we will set them aside and distribute them directly to the people through the Civil Supplies Department.”

“Ration shop Dealers need to change their attitude.

If they don’t, then we will bypass the Dealers and deliver to the beneficiary houses by vehicles.It is the responsibility of the government to provide for the needs of the people.No one can stop it,” he said.

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