Mayoral Elections Will Be Held Today In Telangana

Elections for the mayor and deputy mayor posts of Warangal and Khammam Municipal corporations as well as chairman and vice-chairman of five other municipalities will be held on Friday.Newly elected corporators in corporations and councilors in municipalities exercise their right to vote in these elections.

 Mayoral Elections Will Be Held Today In

In the municipal elections, TRS candidates won in two corporations, majority divisions in five municipalities and wards.

With this, TRS is going to take over the posts of mayor, deputy mayor, chairman, and vice-chairman.

 Mayoral Elections Will Be Held Today In Telangana-Latest News English-Telugu Tollywood Photo

However, TRS had appointed observers for Warangal, Khammam Municipal Corporations as well as Siddipet, Achchampet, Jatcharla, Nakirekal, and Kothur municipalities, two days ago, to ensure smooth conduct of the election process.It has delegated those responsibilities to several ministers, party general secretaries as well as some key leaders in the party.

The party chief, CM KCR, has already finalized the list of candidates taking into account the views of the ministers and local TRS MLAs in the respective constituencies.The names were handed over to party observers on Thursday afternoon in sealed covers.

The election will take place at 3.30 pm on Friday, while observers will meet with the party’s new corporators and councilors at 1 pm on Friday.Information that KCR finalized the names of the mayor, deputy mayor, chairman, vice-chairman‌ candidates on the basis of reservation‌ category, loyalty, seniority, etc.

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