Matuas Leave BJP

Kolkata, 27 December : In a major development, All India Matua MahaSangha has decided to abandon the BJP in favor of a neutral stance.
Five MLAs representing the Matua communities have resigned from the BJP MLAs WhatsApp Group, which could further exacerbate the party’s crisis.

 Matuas Leave

A statement by AIMMS Sukhendra Gayen stated that Matua Mahasangha would not vote for any political party.Matuas were denied their legitimate demands.Prepare for the future.”The Matuas are also capable of depriving.”

Gain’s statement sparked wide speculation regarding the shifting political lines of these communities.

The announcement was made shortly after the departure of the WhatsApp group by five Matua MLAs.

This fueled rumors that they may change their allegiance to the Trinamool Congree.

Experts believe it’s just a temporary period of time before the Matua community switches loyalty.

Matua politics played an important role in state politics for many political leaders, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

This is because the Matuas (who make up almost 20% of West Bengal’s population) have been an determining factor in West Bengal state politics for centuries.

In 40 to 45 Assembly constituencies, the Matua vote is a decisive factor.These districts include rural areas in North 24 Parganas, Bangaon, Barasat and some Nadia areas like Krishnanagar and Kalyani.

After the promise that they made during the West Bengal Assembly elections earlier in the year, the BJP failed to deliver on its promises, the Matuas reacted with discord.

The Modi-Shah couple played the citizenship and refugee card.

However, the Matuas overwhelmingly supported the saffron brigade in both the Lok Sabha elections of 2019 and the 2021 Assembly election.Experts believe that the Matuas are beginning to feel deprived and have not been fulfilled after six months.

Gayen stated that the Centre had failed to fulfill our requirements when he spoke to media.With high expectations, we voted for the BJP.There were many demands that we made, such as unconditional citizenship.But none have been fulfilled.

The Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAA), and the National Register of Citizens(NRC), were strongly supported by the Matuas, despite the widespread criticism of these two laws.

Sukanata Majumdar, President of the state BJP said in response: “We’ve spoken with the MLAs.The problem will soon be solved.” They will be contacted.We are working with them to meet their demands.”We hope to resolve the problem.


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