Two People Are Killed In A Massive Fire At A Gujarat Factory

Gandhinagar, Dec 16 : A Massive fire broke out in a refron gas manufacturing unit in Panchmahamal district in Gujarat on Thursday, killing at least two people and causing heavy damage to the factory.Firefighters from adjoining places rushed to the spot to douse the flames.

 Two People Are Killed In A Massive Fire At A Gujarat

According to sources, a Massive blast was also heard in over a ten km radius.Gujarat Chief Minister BhUpendra Patel spoke to the Panchmahamal collector and took stock of the situation.

Two persons have died while many others have been rushed to the Halol referral hospital.Firefighters from Halol, Kalol, Godhra and private companies, who rushed to the spot, are still trying to douse the flames.

The district collector and the Superintendent of Police (SP) too rushed to the spot.

Massive fire in Gujarat Factory kills 2

Gandhinagar : , A large fire broke out at a unit producing refron gases in Panchmahamal, Gujarat, on Thursday.It killed at least 2 people and caused extensive damage to the facility.
To put out the flames, firefighters from nearby areas rushed to rush to the scene.

Sources claim that a loud blast could also be heard within a radius of ten kilometers.The Panchmahamal Collector was contacted by BhUpendra Patel, Gujarat Chief Minister.He reviewed the situation.Two people have already died, while others were rushed to Halol’s referral hospital.

The firefighters, including those from Halol and Kalol as well as Godhra, have continued to try to put out the flames.Both the district collector (SP), and the superintendent of police (SP) also rushed to the scene.

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