Masala midnight adventures of Lakshmi Rai     2013-10-31   02:32:45  IST  Raghu V

There are many things that happen in midnight and it doesn’t have to be something what you are thinking. This is about one sexy heroine who loves to do something during midnights. She is none other than Lakshmi Rai.

Though she was seen in a special song in ‘Balupu’ and trying hard for other offers, her career has been busy doing other language films. It is heard that Lakshmi has a habit whenever she goes to foreign countries. Basically she is a food lover so during nights she goes out to different restaurants and tries out various cuisines. It is also heard that due to this midnight adventures, she got a good knowledge on recipes, food and other things.

Her special preference is Masala food, as per sources. So, the masala she gives onscreen with her sex appeal she loves to taste it through her food. In Telugu, Lakshmi Rai has got ‘Rani Ranamma’ and she is also busy with two Tamil films and two Malayalam films. Maybe anyone can take tips from her when they visit foreign countries next time.