Married Women Shouldn’t Do These Things

There are many customs and rules in our Hindu tradition.Many of them have been practiced.

 Married Women Shouldn’t Do These

However, some people do not care much about these rituals.The practice of these rituals depends on the belief.

Now let’s talk about one of those rituals.Usually Married women take a bath every day and start doing things.

It does not matter much in their case.But those who bathe once or twice a week should follow certain rituals.

Usually every Married woman takes a bath on Friday, but should not take an head bath on Friday.As a result, they are deprived of all comforts and become poor.Those who bathe daily do not have such rules.Let’s find out what day is the best time to take a head bath.Bathing on Monday brings good luck.Hindu myths say that if you take a bath on Wednesday, both husband and wife will be united and very close.

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#TeluguFacts #MarriedWomen #HinduRituals