Manchu Vishnu Family Starts Kids Fashion Line  

There are no limits for creativity.If you are smart enough, you can turn your creativity into a luring business.Gone are those days, where family members of star heroes’ family used to sit in the home and spend some time in the name of partying and get-togethers.These days, everyone wants to make a name for themselves, which is a good sign.

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Joining the list is Viranica Manchu, wife of hero Manchu Vishnu.Manchu Viranica has always been someone who preferred her life away from all the media glare.

Though she did take part in a couple of photoshoots with Manchu Vishnu, those were just for the clicks.No one ever had any clue what was going on in her life, except that she had given birth to three kids.

According to sources, Viranica Manchu and Vishnu Manchu have joined hands with leading European and Indian Kids Fashion brands reportedly.‘Viranica is having this vision for a long time.

Finally, the couple managed to give it a shape, and we will see an exclusive Kids Fashion Brand from the house of Manchu.The new Kids Fashion Line will trendy, fashionable, and light on pockets’, said the source.

We wish Manchu Vishnu & family all the best on their new venture.