Man Shoots Barber Dead For Refusing Him Haircut

Bulandshahr : , A man was arrested from Agauta for shooting dead a Barber after he refused to give him a haircut.He also asked him to pay his past dues first.
The incident occurred in Sharifpur Bhainsroli village.Sameer shot Irfan using his licensed pistol and inflicted injury to his brother’s leg.

 Man Shoots Barber Dead For Refusing Him

Two of the four suspects were arrested by police and the rest are being sought.

Santosh Kumar Singh, Senior Superintendent of Police, stated that the accused used Irfan to get his hair cut.

Irfan refused to cut the accused’s hair on Wednesday and asked him to pay his debts.

Infuriated, Sameer shot Imran and Irfan with his pistol.

Irfan was killed instantly and his brother is currently being treated in hospital.


#Shoots #Barber


#Shoots #Barber