Man Killed, Father Attacked After A Dispute Over A DJ At A Wedding

Ballia (Uttar Pradesh), Nov 25, : A man aged 30 was killed and his Father, 50 was seriously injured in an attack at a wedding function in Kasmapur village, Ballia district.The attack was a result of a dispute about playing music on a DJ.
Khejuri Station officer Akhilesh Kumar stated, “The deceased, Santosh and his Father, Mitthu, were rushed to a district hospital with serious injuries.While Mitthu Ram is being treated, doctors declared Santosh to be dead.

 Man Killed, Father Attacked After A Dispute Over A Dj At A

In this connection, a FIR has been filed against six individuals and several unidentified.Five people were taken into police custody.

According to reports, women dancers performed at the wedding of Birbal Ram’s daughter when there was a dispute over the selection of songs played by the DJ.

Santosh was Attacked as the situation worsened.Santosh’s Father tried intervene to save him but he was brutally beat up.

Police are looking at video footage to identify the suspects.

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