Man Alleges Wife Has Illegal Affairs!Seals Her Genitals With Superglue  

In a shocking incident that took place in Kenya, a man has sealed his wife’s genitals with superglue and later left the country on a business trip.Going into the details, the man believed that his wife has intimate relationships outside the marriage, and she had sex with multiple men when he was on business tours.

Man Alleges Wife Has Illegal Affairs!seals Her Genitals With Superglue

In a bid to teach her a lesson, he woke up in the middle of the night on the day the incident took place and undressed his wife.He later applied the superglue on her genitals, and later left to Rwanda on a business trip.

The superglue had frozen in minutes causing immense pain.The woman woke up and rushed to a nearby hospital.Upon great difficulty, the doctors removed the super glue, and she is under observation.

Not knowing what has happened, the husband of the woman came home, only to find his wife missing.

Soon, the police knocked his door and put him behind bars pressing various counts of criminal charges on him.The man still maintained his stance that his wife has an illegal affair at least with four other men, and she has been sending nudes to them.

The case is in court.

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