Male $ex Robots Which Can Satisfy Women 100%  

Those women who often get orgasms with a man, you can count them on figures.Since ages, men are still trying to figure out the way to completely satisfy their women on bed.

A report says, only 13% women reach orgasm in a $ex session.Whereas, all men are tend to reach the climax without fail.

Male $ex Robots Which Can Satisfy Women 100%-General-English-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

What should women do now? Well, technology is gifting them something which they can’t ignore.

Matt McMullen, the founder of realbotix has introduced a new male $ex robot which can satisfy women to the complete.

Interestingly, the same man also launched Harmony, an app with artificial intelligence which syncs up with a robotic head system.

These male $ex robots will come with bionic penises.

They will have AI and can be informed about the desires through Harmony kind of application.So, women can ask the robots what they want.

They can instruct about the pace of strokes, when to start and when to end.This robot will only stop after women reach orgasm and multiple orgasms.How’s that.

The same company already started rolling female $ex robots with artificial intelligence.

So, even men can have thier desires fulfilled.

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