Mahesh Babu to enter school business ?     2017-07-27   00:48:55  IST  Raghu V

Education and hospital are two service business which always stand in demand. There is no issue of decrease in demand due to seasonal reasons. It’s all about the reputation you carry with services. So, apparently, Superstar Mahesh Babu is keen on investing in educational business.

It’s nothing new, almost every Tollywood top star has his own business. Nagarjuna is said to be the richest Tollywood actor of all, just because of the business mind he has. He is not solely dependent on film industry for his income. Now, the Prince of Telugu Cinema is following the same foot steps.

Mahesh is already in plans with Asian Films to set to big theater chain across two Telugu states. Besides, he would soon establish a richie rich international school. Not in Hyderabad, but in Amaravathi. The reasons for choosing Amaravathi over Hyderabad are obvious. There are already too many international schools in Hyderabad. So, Mahesh had nothing to introduce. But it’s not the same with Amaravathi. It’s still a developing city unlike Hyderabad. A new international school here will earn more attention when compared with Hyderabad. That’s the reason why Mahesh is planning something this big in the capital city of Andhra Pradesh.