Mahesh again refused to go shirtless       2014-12-29   01:46:42  IST  Raghu V

The handsome good looking Tollywood Superstar Mahesh Babu has once again denied the request of his director to go shirtless. Its known that Mahesh has developed six pack abs long back but till now he has not exhibited them.Many of his female fans are longing to see him go shirtless so that they can enjoy his bare chest. Even many directors right from Srinu Vytla and more recently Sukuamr tried to convince Prince Mahesh to go shirtless on silver screen. However Mahesh refused to do so.

In Sukumar-directed action-thriller “1: Nenokkadine”, Mahesh did take off his shirt for a shower scene but he didn’t flaunt his abs.Having watched ‘1’ movie, many fans of his got disappointed as Mahesh has not shown his six pack abs.However, Mahesh’s muscular shoulders with good biceps were seen in his sleeveless shirts many times.Now as per reports Mahehs once again denied to go shirtless.

Director Koratala Siva wanted Mahesh to sport his worked out abs in his upcoming film but Mahesh denied the proposal. Though his colleagues from Allu Arjun to NTR has did it for fans, Mahesh is still unlikely.As a matter of fact he told that he is against flaunting his body and believes that it is absolutely unnecessary for a hero to show his muscles and abs. Okay, we will have to wait for few more days to see the six pack of Mahesh, if only the superstar is interested.

Shruti Haasan is pairing opposite Mahesh Babu in this Koratala Siva directorial. Mythri Movie Makers producing Mahesh starrer will enjoy Devi Sri Prasad’s music, while Madhi is cranking camera.

ప్రకటన : తెలుగుస్టాప్ వెబ్ సైట్ లో పని చేయుట కొరకు అనుభవజ్ఞులైన తెలుగు కంటెంట్ రచయితలు,రాజకీయ విశ్లేషకులు,సోషల్ మీడియా ఫొటోస్/వీడియోస్ అడ్మిన్స్,వీడియో ఎడిటర్,వీడియో మేకర్స్,లైవ్ రిపోర్టర్ లు కావలెను..మీ వివరాలను కు మెయిల్ చేయగలరు.