Madras HC Directs DGP To Report On Orderly System In TN Police

Madras HC directs DGP to provide a report on the orderly system in TN Police

Chennai 12 Aug : The Madras High Court on Friday was vocally opposed to the use of an police System that is not Orderly in Tamil Nadu Police and demanded the Director General of Police to submit an explanation to the court by the 18th of August.
A bench of Justice S.M.Subramaniam stated that it was difficult to write about the Orderly System of the colonial period in the state police, even though the nation was celebrating its 75th anniversary of Independence.

 Madras Hc Directs Dgp To Report On Orderly System In Tn

He also expressed his displeasure with an account submitted in the court which stated that only 19 orders were removed in spite of the court granting the court six months to eliminate the System of orderlies in total.

The judge stated that the practice of employing police officers in the homes of the top police officers to Carry out routine household tasks and chores at the expense of taxpayers the money was an affront to the constitution.

Justice Subramaniam questioned how policemen who were taught to shoot with guns ended up being employed to cook dosas as well as chapatis in the homes of the top police officers of the IPS cadre.

The court suo motu pleaded the state DGP in the case as a defendant and ordered him to submit an update to the court by August 18, outlining the most effective steps that were taken to end the System of order in both spirit and letter.

The judge informed Additional Advocate General P.Kumaresan that the DGP should actually work to eliminate the System of order before Independence Day and let his department’s flag fly high prior to joining with the nation in hosting the national flag.

He also urged the government of the state to exercise greater control over police forces as well as to ensure that those who are the highest-ranking police officers under control.Justice Subramaniam said that there was no need in penalizing sub Inspectors and constables only for a lack of discipline.

He said that the government can include one or two appointed residential assistants to perform household chores in the homes of the top police officers however uniformed policemen would not be employed to perform such tasks.

The Judge revealed in the open courtroom that he was receiving numerous complaints about the use of orderslies in the homes of high-ranking police officers.

“The Constitution of India in its spirit philosophy, ethos, and philosophy declares that every citizen of our nation is a King or Queen.Nobody in the public sector can imagine living in the realm of Mughal Emperors.Executive authorities are merely public servants.” he said.


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