‘madhave Madhusudana’ Trailer: Tej Bommadevara, Rishika Lokre Are Young Lovers Who Find Themselves In Mire

‘Madhave Madhusudana’ trailer: Tej Bommadevara, Rishika Lokre are young lovers who find themselves in mire

Hyderabad, Nov 20 : Actors Tej Bommadevara, and Rishika Lokre’s film ‘Madhave Madhusudana’ has dropped its first trailer.A dark-rom-com, the movie appears as your atypical mainstream rom-com film at first before quickly revealing itself to be something darker, as two young lovers from different families find themselves soon living a life of misery as they tie the knot.

Somewhat vague on the details, initially the trailer has a gloomy take before turning bright and joyful.It finds itself staring at two lovers played by the debutant actors who find themselves in a small town, and while initially the whole thing carries itself like an average rom-com, it takes a different turn quickly.

There are a lot of heartfelt and comical moments in the film, as Tej has a lot of comical moments with his two friends who help him out with getting the girl, and later in escaping after wrath descends upon them.

Enjoying love in the flowers of youth, things take a bitter turn as all the childish dreams of love and happiness get washed away very soon.

Escaping from their lives, they marry each other and move to a shanty and it doesn’t go well for them at all.

Rishika constantly worries about Tej as he moves forward to ensure that nothing bad happens to the two of them.The tone of the movie is interesting as it moves from present to the past, instead of the normal opposite and even gives glimpses of the future.

Directed, written, and produced by veteran Telugu film producer Bommadevara Ramachandra Rao in his directorial debut, ‘Madhave Madhusudana’ will release in theatres on November 24.



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