MAA President Will Take Actions Against Former President Naresh?

After a month long heated debates and rally, Campaigns, interviews and much more activities now MAA elections ended on a high note after Manchu Vishnu is victorious in MAA Elections.After a tough battle against Veteran Actor Prakash Raj and his panel members.

 Maa President Will Take Actions Against Former President Naresh?

Many thought that it would be a tough battle but Manchu Vishnu defeated Prakash in MAA Elections.

Soon after the results was announced that Vishnu is the New President of MAA the supports are started with firecracker and high slogans calling Manchu Vishnu a Tiger.

the MAA elections have turned into a personnel attracts on the artist members.It is also known that Naga Babu has also supported Prakash raj to fight for the the elections.

the Sitting MAA President Naresh also became one of the biggest support to Vishnu Panel.

Actors like Sivaji Raja has alleged that Naresh did lot of scams under MAA and they all are asking to take actions against Naresh.

We all have to wait and see if MAA President Vishnu will take action on Naresh.


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