MAA Election Results Postponed  

The much delayed MAA Election result got postponed yet again.The verdict of the City Civil Court on MAA Election Results has been adjourned to 15th of this month.

The court heard the arguments from both the groups today and reserved the judgement till day after tomorrow.The actors who have been waiting for the results has to taste disappointment again.

Maa Election Results Postponed--Telugu Trending Latest News Updates Maa Election Results Postponed---

The result is the deciding factor for several issues in the industry.Before the commencement of election, an actor O Kalyan filed a petition seeking a stay on the process of elections.

The court considered his petition and has stayed on counting and declaration of the poll results.

O Kalyan felt that there is violation of election procedure on the polling day.

According to him, there was only election officer but was no assistant for him.Moreover he also alleges that many voters failed to show their voter cards on that day and still they are allowed to vote.

Murali Mohan is the president of MAA association last time and now it is a fight between Rajendra Prasad and Jayasudha.

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