After MP Objections, Light And Sound Show At Chittorgarh Fort Were Stopped

By Archana SharmaJaipur : , Dec 28, 2008 – Rani Padmawati’s alleged twisting historical facts in Light and Sound Show inaugurated Monday at Rajasthan’s Chittorgarh Fort created major controversy.The show was Stopped within 15 minutes.

 After Mp Objections, Light And Sound Show At Chittorgarh Fort Were

Chittorgarh MP C.P.Joshi Stopped the show halfway through when Alauddin Khalji, the ruler of Delhi Sultanate, was seen looking at the queen from a mirror.Rawal Ratan Singh (a ruler in the Mewar kingdom) had permission to stage the scene.There were also objections to Khalji’s dialogues.

Joshi Stopped the show halfway through and guests, which included VIPs, slowly left.

Joshi stated to IANS that “Historical facts had been distorted in the script, and therefore I had to object.” Actually, when the script was first read to me, I raised similar objections.I am surprised that it was not taken out.

“On Tuesday however, some officials from Jaipur visited Chittorgarh, and they had the good fortune to hear that we would be removing the twists in the past.”

IANS spoke with Tarachand Meena, the District Collector.He stated that the show would resume Tuesday.

He said, “We have been listening to all the requests from the public” and that the show will be rescheduled for Tuesday.

A while back historians and Rajput organizations raised objections against the film Padmawat being released.

After numerous demands, the movie’s presentation of the scene in which Khalji is seen watching the queen through a mirror was removed.Protesters damaged the glass in the Chittorgarh Fort.

This part was also removed later and replaced with the new inscription.

Udailal, Rajasthan Minister, was also present at the program and said that there wasn’t any controversy.

Many organisations began protesting on Tuesday against the Light and Sound script.This controversy quickly circulated, with numerous organisations warning against agitations to show the controversial portions.

On Monday night, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot inaugurated the Light and Sound Show.The Minister, MP, District Collector and many others attended the Kumbha Mahal show.

According to reports, the show contained controversial passages.MP Joshi objected and got up to leave the stage and returned to the control room to close the show.

Joshi informed the Collector that officials should be contacted immediately by the Tourism Department to correct the script.Meena promptly notified the Tourism Department, seeking to remove the in dispute part.


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