Lana Del Rey Stops Show In Brazil To Find Her Missing Vape

Lana Del Rey stops show in Brazil to find her missing vape

Los Angeles, May 29 : Singer Lana Del Rey had an unlikely concern onstage as she made her first live performance in more than three years.

 Lana Del Rey Stops Show In Brazil To Find Her Missing

Taking the stage at the MITA Festival 2023 in Rio De Janeiro on Saturday, May 27, the six-time Grammy nominee may have left her fans scratching their heads as she stopped the show because she lost her vape, reports

In a video of her viral interaction with the audience, the 37-year-old quickly paused her show to ask for her fans’ help to find her missing vape.

“And also if you see my vape onstage.Can you find my vape onstage,” she asked in between songs.

As fans rushed to point it out for her, Lana excitedly asked, “You did? Where, though?” Learning that it was impossible for her to reach for the vape from where she was standing, she decided to forgo it.”Oh, all the way in the pit? F**k it,” she exclaimed, before continuing her performance.

After the clip made its way out online, some people were baffled as to why Lana needed vape onstage.”THC or Nicotine?” one Twitter user wondered.

Another labeled the “Summertime Sadness” songstress a “nic addict.”

A third person asked, “This not weird to y’all?” while a confused user chimed in, “I’mA I supposed to laugh? Hahahaha? Cringed.”

During her set at the MITA Festival, Lana delivered the live debut of numerous songs from her latest album “Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd”.Some of the tracks she sang included “A&W”, “Candy Necklace”, “The Grants” and the title track.


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