Lalu Asked Me To Become Minister, He Asked Me To Quit: Sudhakar Singh

Lalu asked me to become minister, he asked me to quit: Sudhakar Singh

Patna, Oct 4 : Former Bihar Agriculture Minister Sudhakar Singh on Tuesday said that he became the minister on the direction of RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav and resigned from the post on his direction as well.

 Lalu Asked Me To Become Minister, He Asked Me To Quit: Sudhakar

“I have given the resignation or the party has taken not an issue of discussion.The matter of discussion is the issues on which I gave the resignation.Lalu Prasad Yadav directed me to join the cabinet and became a minister and I left the post also on his direction,” he said while addressing a gathering in Durgawati block in Kaimur district.

“The Chief Minister has the power to sack any minister of his cabinet but I want to point out that the issues on which I have given the resignation must be discussed.When I was the Agriculture Minister, I only demanded to prepare an agriculture road map for the farmers of Bihar.They do not want subsidies on seeds and fertilisers but they want beneficial values like Maximum Support Price (MSP) of their crops.This is the actual fight of farmers,” Singh said.

“Who is saying that leaders cannot raise questions while staying in the government? I want to challenge them.The constitution of the country has given us the right to raise the irregularities of the people while staying in the government,” he added.


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