Kona Depends On Pawan Now

Kona Depends On Pawan Now

Kona Venkat has been facing a lot of criticism now in the film industry for his routine template and repeated formulaic stories.The industry is serious on the films he is making.

 Kona Depends On Pawan Now-TeluguStop.com

The star writer has recent;y turned the producer as well.The common audiences and movie lovers have been unhappy with the kind of films they are experiencing.

Kona Venkat who started off as a writer and now became a star writer with recent hits has been in controversies as well.He is a talented writer but all he needs is one good subject having proper content and he has been working on that to make it a big thing.

Kona maintains good relation with everyone in the industry and he has to use this relations now to make a good film that impresses everyone.Already Pawan Kalyan is a good friend of Kona Venkat and the writer is trying for the dates of the actor this time now.The buzz is that Kona is going to wield megaphone for Pawan Kalyan movie under his banner.This time he wanted to prove back his mettle with the film and with Powerstar as he can get the image change over.

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