Kona behind Samantha Navel show       2013-07-21   02:30:48  IST  Raghu V

After Pawan Kalyan, the center of attraction for ‘Atharintiki Daaredi’ audio release was definitely Samanta. The cute actress is turning red hot these days wearing some revealing costumes. Firstly, Samanta stunned the audience with navel piercing at ‘Dookudu’ audio launch and now, the dazzling attire wore by her at ‘Aththarintiki Daaredi’ audio launch with peek-a-boo of her navel has enticed the photographers and spectators too.

Of course, the man personality behind designing this costume is kona neeraja, sister of popular writer Kona Venkat. Ever since Neeraja is appointed as personal designer of Samanta, she has been proving her worth again and again. This audio festival has given a much needed focus on Neeraja and she might grown on to become the popular and creative costume designer of Tollywood in coming days

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