Kia Motors MD Gives Shock To Yellow Party!  

From the past few days, TDP and team have been alleging that Kia Motors will soon move their Anantapur manufacturing plant to Tamil Nadu, holding YS Jagan government responsible for this act.Supporting these statements, a ton of social media accounts, and ‘yellow’ themed websites published the news as their cover story on their web portals.

Kia Motors Md Gives Shock To Yellow Party! - Telugu Kia Motors Anantapur Plant, Kia Motors Shifted To Tamil Nadu, Tdp Comments On Kia Motors-Latest News-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

The yellow brother tried to build an emotion over this issue, blaming the AP CM YS Jagan in the entirety.Putting everything to rest, Kia Motors MD released an official statement, and Khushboo Gupta, Lead – Public Relations issued a letter on the same.

Surely, Chandrababu and Team did not see this coming and are in utter shock.

‘Surely the yellow party was not expecting this.

They tried to create drama by making false allegations, and with the help of their yellow media.Everyone in Andhra Pradesh knows about YS Jagan and his nature.

Truth prevails’, said a YSRCP activist on this matter.With the latest development, the yellow party is in damage control mode.