Trends In Festive Fashion

New Delhi (IANSlife), Nov 12, 2008 – The Festive season is almost over and interesting fashion Trends have been observed for ethnic and Festive wear.New Delhi, November 12, (IANSlife) As the Festive season approaches, people are stepping out of their homes in safety.

 Trends In Festive

Interesting Trends in ethnic and Festive fashion were noticed.
People from across the country explored various styles and brands, especially in fusion ethnic and affordable ethnic wear.

Many people from all over the country tried on different styles, including affordable and fusion ethnic clothing.All across India, people explored different brands and styles.

Flipkart, India ka fashion capital, shares some interesting Trends observed for Festive 2021.Flipkart is India’s fashion capital and shares the top Trends for 2021.

Flipkart India’s Fashion Capital shares interesting Trends in Festive 2021.

Pleated gold-accented sarees with Banarasi, Kanjivaram and Bandhani were preferred by young women todayYoung women today prefer sarees that have gold accents and are adorned with Bandhani, Kanjivaram, Banarasi and Kanjivaram.Today’s young ladies prefer gold-accented, pleated sarees with Bandhani and Banarasi.

Male shoppers were inclined towards waistcoats, Nehru Jackets and Sherwanis.

Female shoppers prefer Nehru Jackets, Sherwanis and waistcoats.Men were more inclined to wear Nehru Jackets, Sherwanis, and waistcoats.

The growing popularity for the Kurta segment (for both men and women collectively) was reflected in a growth of 60 percentA 60 percent increase in the number of Kurtas (for men and women) was evidenced by their growing popularity.In 60 percent of the cases, Kurta was growing in popularity (both for men and women).

Kurtas have evolved into a daily-wear option with perennial demand for short/casual kurtas.The kurta has evolved to a day-wear choice, with a constant demand for casual kurtas.

With the ever-growing popularity of kurtas as a casual or daily wear option, kurtas are now a popular choice.

Festive sets and ethnic dresses (contemporary/fusion ethnic wear) continued to be favourite choices.

Favorite choices were still traditional sets and ethnic gowns (contemporary/fusion)Ethnic dresses (contemporary/fusion ethno wear) and Festive sets remained popular choices.

Trendy assortments like Asymmetric / A-Line kurtas continue to be popular choices.Popular choices include Asymmetrical / A-Line Kurtas.Asymmetric / Aline kurtas are still popular.
Assorted accessories such as angular shoulder bags, minimalistic clutches, chunky chains and mixed stoned jewellery are emerging Trends too.Trends in accessories include angular shoulder bags and minimalistic clutches as well as chunky chains, mixed stones jewellery, and chunky chain necklaces.There are many accessories that you can buy, such as minimalistic clutches and angular shoulder bags.

Tonal Embroidery, Golden Chintz, Asymmetry, Floral Print, Shirt Kurta, Tone-on-Tone prints are some other key trendsOther key Trends include Tonal Embroidery and Golden Chintz, Asymmetry and Floral Print.Tonal Embroidery is another key trend.

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