Kerala RTC Bus And Lorry Head-on Collision Kills 21 And Injures 25  

In one of the most devastating accident in recent times, a Kerala RTC bus and a lorry rammed into each other in the wee hours today.The horrific accident took place on the Coimbatore – Salem highway.

Kerala Rtc Bus And Lorry Head-on Collision Kills 21 And Injures 25 - Telugu Chennai Bus Accident, Kerala Rtc Bus Accident, Latest Bus Accident, Rtc Bus Accident-General-English-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

The Kerala RTC bus set-off from Bangalore last evening for Thiruvananthapuram.En route, the ill-fated bus collided with the lorry.

At the time of the mishap, 48 were in the bus, and two were in the lorry.According to police, 16 bus passengers, and the lorry’s cleaner lost their lives on the spot, with others rushed to Coimbatore and Salem government hospitals.

The lorry’s driver is on run, and the police are trying to trace him.

‘I was sitting behind the driver’s seat.

Our driver was going well within the speed limit and traffic restrictions.The lorry came into the wrong lane and rammed head-on.

My upper lip got cut, I had to undergo 10 stitches for the same’, said a survivor from the bus passengers.

As per official data, 20 people on-board the bus and the cleaner are dead, with 25 others receiving medical treatment.