Kanpur Man Gives Talaq To Wife For Shaping Eyebrows

Kanpur man gives talaq to wife for shaping eyebrows

Kanpur, Nov 1 : A Muslim woman in Kanpur has lodged a police complaint against her husband who pronounced triple talaq over the phone from Saudi Arabia when he learnt that she had shaped her eyebrows.

 Kanpur Man Gives Talaq To Wife For Shaping Eyebrows-TeluguStop.com

The woman, Gulsaiba, married Salim in January 2022.He is currently employed in Saudi Arabia.

According to Gulsaiba’s statement to the police, after her husband left for Saudi Arabia on August 30, her in-laws began harassing her for dowry.

She further told the police that her husband was “old fashioned” and raised objections over her fashion choices.

Gulsaiba said that on October 4, her husband initiated a video call during which he noticed her newly shaped eyebrows.

He questioned her about it, and despite her explanations that she got her eyebrow shaped because she felt her face did not look good with unruly hair, he became angry.

According to Gulsaiba, Salim threatened her and said: “You went ahead and shaped your eyebrows despite my objections.From today, I free you from this marriage.”

He then pronounced talaq three times and disconnected the call, after which he did not answer further attempts at communication, said Gulsaiba.

Gulsaiba’s complaint has led to the registration of an FIR against her husband, along with five other individuals, including her mother-in-law.

“I had been married for only a year.

My husband, who had previously disrespected me, has now given me triple talaq.I want the police to take appropriate action against him,” she added.



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