Kailasaa Construction Is Completed – Nityananda  

The controversial religious guru Nityananda, who is currently facing multiple charges of rape and abduction of girls, has made sensational comments.In the latest video, he went on to say that the construction of the alleged new country Kailasaa is completed.The alleged new country, Kailasaa is located in one of the islands towards the west of South American nation Ecuador.Nityananda bought an island from Ecuador and started constructing a world for him and his devotees called Kailasaa.

Kailasaa Construction Is Completed – Nityananda - Telugu Kailasaa Country, Nityananda New Island Country, Nityananda Own Country, Rape Case On Nityananda-General-English-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

He also came up with Kailasaa passport that is exclusive for people who travel to ‘his’ nation.In his previous video, Nityananda went on to say that, he would work with various countries to establish diplomatic relations and other agreements.

‘The construction of Kailasaa is finished.I will not be visiting Tamil Nadu anymore.Once I die, my cremation ceremony should take place at Bidadi Ashram.That is my last wish’, he reportedly said in the video.

Though Interpol jumped into action, they failed to trace Nityananda whereabouts.