Journalist Swetha Reddy Advice To Chiranjeevi, Rajasekhar, And Mohan Babu!  

Controversial journalist Swetha Reddy once again lashed out at Movie Artists Association – MAA.Known for her harsh comments on various social issues, the lady journalist took a jibe at the senior star heroes Megastar Chiranjeevi, Mohan Babu and Rajasekhar.

Journalist Swetha Reddy Advice To Chiranjeevi Rajasekhar And Mohan Babu!-Chiranjeevi Fight Journalist Maa Diary Event

Speaking in a YouTube Channel interview, she spoke about the ongoing issues in MAA and gave her piece of advice.‘I see Chiranjeevi and Rajasekhar fighting in public, and then again uniting a few days later.

The same is in the case of Chiranjeevi and Mohan Babu too.There was a time when the cold war was running between the two biggies, and a tense situation was prevailing.

However, on the MAA Diary Event, they were giggling and smiling, and even kissing on their cheeks.Everyone was able to see that romance.

Unfortunately, the apparent fallout between the MAA members was evident.This time on live TV.During the MAA elections too, we had seen three teams; Naresh Team, Sivaji Raja Team, and Jeevitha-Rajasekhar Team in MAA.

What I suggest all these senior actors is, they all should go to Roja’s Rachabanda Program.

Only then, we can conclude.All I want to say is one simple thing, fallouts within the MAA members shouldn’t be made public’.

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Journalist Swetha Reddy Advice To Chiranjeevi, Rajasekhar, And Mohan Babu!-chiranjeevi Rajasekhar Fight,journalist Swetha Reddy,maa Diary Event Related....