Jeevitha Rajasekhar criticizes NTR and Puri Jagannath       2016-12-27   00:07:19  IST  Raghu V

Although Temper was rated as one of the best films in NTR and Puri Jagannath’s career, there were few to several dialogues in the film which tasted criticism from various people on moral grounds. You know, Puri Jagannath writes bold and hard hitting dialogues which sometimes sound offensive for many.

Jeevitha Rajasekhar, of late, has referred couple of dialogues from the movie Temper saying how star heroes and stars directors are degrading the values in movies.

“Memu crossing ki vacchina chaannalaindi” , “Kukkalu Crossing ki Vacchai” are the dialogues Jeevitha referred wondering how could someone write such dialogues for a star hero.