\'JD-U Ship Sailing, Not Sinking\': Lalan Singh Hits Out At R.C.P. Singh

“JD-U ship is in the water, but is not sinking’ Lalan Singh hits out at R.C.P. Singh

Patna 7 Aug : In the wake of the former Union Minister R.C.P.Singh’s attack on JD-U as he submitted his resignation to the party on Saturday JD-U National President Rajiv Ranjan Singh under the alias Lalan Singh hit out at him and accused him of using his position as a tool to undermine the prospects of the party.
The JD-U’s vessel is sailing, and not sinking, he stated in the aftermath of R.C.P.Singh’s jibe.

 'jd-u Ship Sailing, Not Sinking': Lalan Singh Hits Out At R.c.p. Singh-TeluguStop.com

“Yes it’s real that some of the crew members tried to create a holes in the bottom of the ship in order to make it sink, but we saw it and fixed it.” Lalan Singh said while accusing R.C.P.Singh of harming the party, however “our chief Nitish Kumar was aware of his actions and took appropriate action”.

The previous Saturday R.C.P.Singh stated that the JD-U is sinking because he also announced his resignation from the main membership.

Lalan Singh said: “R.C.P.Singh is a body in the JD-U, but his heart is in another place.In the 2020 Assembly election, Chirag (Chirag Paswan) model was used to work against the JD-U to hurt Nitish Kumar.

This was the reason our party won 43 seats.They used R.C.P.Singh to plot a plot against Nitish Kumar.Our leader has caught it in time and destroyed their plot.”

“We have all the evidence we need to prove the conspiracy that was uncovered against Nitish Kumar and the JD-U.The truth will be revealed at the time it is needed.

“RCP Singh was not our close friend as our party struggled.He doesn’t know anything regarding the battle.

He is not aware of the Samta Party.He was a member of the party in power.

In 2005, he came to the Chief Minister’s home as secretary of Nitish Kumar.In 2009, he was wanting to run in the Lok Sabha election but Nitish Kumar was not interested.In the year 2010, R.C.P.Singh claimed that he was planning to visit Rajya Sabha and Nitish Kumar sent him.Who can tell R.C.P.Singh? Singh? Nitish Kumar that gave him his political identity and he remained loyal to his leadership for a long period of time,” Lalan Singh said.

Noting R.C.P.Singh claimed he was the first President of the nation of the party he declared that claim to be “absolutely not true”.

“It was Nitish Kumar who left the post to R.C.P.Singh and was given the post of the nation’s President.In the present, Nitish Kumar is the CEO of the JD-U.He appointed me as the national President of the JD-U party.

I am an official the caretaker of the party, not the party’s owner.He (R.C.P.Singh) was presenting himself as an owner, which was completely incorrect.He did not pay Nitish Kumar and also the JD-U,” Lalan Singh stated.


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