Janasena BJP Alliance Official!  

The final curtain call has come down.The Janasena BJP alliance is official, and both the parties will even contest the 2024 AP Assembly Elections together.

Janasena BJP Alliance Official!-

After high-level meetings between both the parties, the key leaders have released a press statement.

Speaking to the press, Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan expressed confidence in setting up the government post the 2024 elections.

‘To safeguard the people, and the future of the state we joined hands with the BJP.People who liked PM Narendra Modi and Janasena’s ideology have come under the same roof.

Ideologies of both parties are the same.We will surely form the government post the 2024 AP Assembly Elections’, Pawan Kalyan said.He further went on to say that the people of the state are vexed with both TDP and the ruling YSRCP parties, and they are looking for an alternative.‘While the previous government is filled with erroneous decisions, the current government is filled with Palegars.

Both the parties will work together towards development, and at the discretion of PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah’, Pawan concluded.While few opine that Pawan Kalyan can gain an advantage with Janasena BJP alliance, others feel that Pawan is losing his credibility in the process.


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