James Blunt Hires Expert Assistance To Handle Ghosts

London, November 19, : , James Blunt, a singer turned to specialists to solve a ghost issue at his London bar.
Insiders told The Sun’s Bizarre column that James and his Fox & Pheasant team called specialists to look at their resident ghoul.They had fun, solved their problems and part of the footage was shot for James’ new project.

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According to femalefirst.co.uk, the problem also created a danger at work as staff became “totally scared out” by the supernatural presence.

Employees now believe that experts can “put an end” to this situation.

Blunt, however, shared earlier this month that he had fulfilled his “dream” of saving his local pub.

Blunt bought the pub in 2017 and is delighted that it was not being converted into a home.

According to the ‘You’re Beautiful’ singer, “It was neglected and unloved.”

It was not something I expected to see on the market.It was not something I had in my plans.

When I found out it would be converted into a home and being developed, I was smitten.

“I am in the business to bring people together for live concerts and shows, shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers.The same goes for pubs.This is a place where people gather and socialize.It’s something we humans need and it’s really a great job.

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