Jalavihar MD Donates 1 Kg Gold To Yadadri Temple

Jalavihar MD Ramaraju has announced a donation of one kilo of Gold for the gilding of the Yadadri Vimana Gopuram.Speaking on this occasion, he thanked Chief Minister KCR for giving them a chance to donate their part to the Temple.

 Jalavihar Md Donates 1 Kg Gold To Yadadri Temple-TeluguStop.com

Ramaraju recalled, “King Ashoka emphasized planting trees, Rani Rudrama Devi developed the irrigation system, and Raja Raja Chola is famous for the construction of the Temples.Krishna Devaraya made a remarkable effort to preserve the culture.

Our Chief Minister KCR also reconstructed the Yadadri Temple along with the Haritha Haram program, Mission Kakatiya and Bhagiratha.CM KCR performed Maha Chandi Yagam.He has done all these within a decade.”

MD Ramaraju hailed Telangana CM KCR.Ramaraju said that he is offering KG Gold to the Yadadri Temple as he was inspired by CM KCR.CM KCR has already announced an offering of 1 kg and 16 Tulas of Gold for gilding on behalf of his family.

Recently, CM KCR visited the Yadadri Temple and reviewed the construction works.On this occasion, he announced that the reopening of the Temple will take place on March 28, 2022.

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