Ivpl: \'playing Alongside Good Players, Boosts Your Confidence\', Says Vvip Up Batter Anshul Kapoor

IVPL: ‘Playing alongside good players, boosts your confidence’, says VVIP UP batter Anshul Kapoor

Greater Noida (UP), March 3 : VVIP Uttar Pradesh batter Anshul Kapoor has expressed his delight at reuniting with old friends at the Indian Veteran Premier League (IVPL) being played here at the Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex.

 Ivpl: 'playing Alongside Good Players, Boosts Your Confidence', Says Vvip Up Bat-TeluguStop.com

Having maintained good form in the tournament, Anshul Kapoor remains confident in his abilities.Speaking about his form, he said, “For me, the process remains the same.I’ve been carrying good form and hitting the ball really well in the past matches.So, coming on here, I was confident enough before this tournament that I’ll be hitting the ball well.So, I’m not thinking much.”

“The team wants me to be there and play the sheet anchor role.That’s what I’m trying to do.And I’ve been lucky that I’ve been successful in whatever I’ve done so far.So just trying to do my role,” he added.

Having played alongside skipper Suresh Raina in the Uttar Pradesh Ranji team, the 41-year-old cricketer cherishes the opportunity to share the field with former teammates.He also emphasised the importance of IVPL in reconnecting with players from different backgrounds.

“Suresh has been much more junior to me.We have played alongside each other in the UP Ranji team.So, it’s a good feeling playing alongside him.Well, you always feel good when you play alongside stars and IVPL is a good platform where we are able to meet our long-time friends.In our busy lives, we don’t get much time to meet each other.So, this is a good platform where we are getting the good experience to play and meet old friends,” Anshul said.

Besides cricket, Anshul balances coaching commitments and a job at BSNL.Grateful for his employer’s support, he acknowledges their understanding of his sporting endeavours.

“I’ve been playing.I’ve been coaching.I have a sports quota job with BSNL.So, I’ve been doing my job.My employers have been kind enough to provide me with useful time so that I can practice and keep up with the skills and maintain my fitness and they have been very supportive.So, I would also like to thank them through your platform that they have been very supportive as an employer.

So, thanks to them,” said the 41-year-old cricketer.

The VVIP Uttar Pradesh batter also highlighted how a player needs to be in the best of shape while playing competitive cricket.He also emphasised setting high standards for oneself to be confident when stepping onto the field.

“When you’re not in the scheme of things, you don’t know what is going on, what the players who are playing currently are doing.You don’t know what fitness regimes they are following.You’re cut off from the main circuit.So, playing alongside each other you get to know your own standards,” said Anshul Kapoor.

“The standards you set for yourself increase when you play alongside good players who have played at the highest level.So, playing well for the team and playing alongside them, boosts your confidence.It makes you feel good that you still have it in you and can perform for the team,” he signed off.



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